About BRAM


The Bradesco Funds are managed by BRAM - Bradesco Asset Management, the largest privately-owned asset manager in Brazil. BRAM manages over $170B across all asset classes for clients ranging from individuals to some of the largest institutions in the world. BRAM is uniquely positioned with its local presence of 119 investment professionals, backed by a robust infrastructure, allowing investors to benefit from our strong knowledge of Latin economies, the corporate landscape, and investment markets. BRAM is part of Banco Bradesco, one of the largest Latin American banks, with NYSE ADRs listed since 2001 and member of the Dow Jones Sustainability Emerging Markets Index.

Key Facts:

  • Exclusively dedicated to Latin American investing
  • Over $170B in assets under management, and over 40 years investing in Latin America
  • 121 pension plan clients, of which 35 are multinationals
  • International presence, with offices in Sao Paulo, New York and London
  • Offers strategies through UCITS registered in Luxembourg, U.K., Spain, France, Italy and Portugal, as well as tailored/managed accounts for institutional clients
  • BRAM has been awarded Standard & Poor’s AMP-1 level, the highest on the scale of quality of management
  • In 2016, Banco Bradesco completed the acquisition of 100% of HBSC Brazil. With the integration, BRAM has become the largest privately-owned asset manager in Brazil.


We Believe:

  • That better investing results are achieved by active managers who are experienced and exclusively focused on managing investments in their region.
  • That Latin America offers exceptional investing opportunities for knowledgeable portfolio managers who are able to understand and assess the particular risks and rewards associated with investing in different Latin American countries.
  • That a fundamental bottom-up approach to investing works best when combined with risk controls derived from monitoring the macro-economic environment, country specific issues, portfolio exposures, and performance attribution.
  • That investors benefit from dynamic, yet well controlled, decision-making, with a deep discipline applied to each step of the investment process.

Investment Philosophy

BRAM follows a fundamental investment philosophy, which relies on consistent detailed screening and modeling, as well as in-depth analysis and constant monitoring of the investment universe by our research team. Our bottom up approach is complemented by BRAM’s in-house macro-economic research team; these two elements form the basis of the every portfolio, which are built with the aim of beating the relevant benchmark. The research and PM teams hold daily meetings and track performance and risk on a daily basis.

Investment Team

BRAM has a stable and seasoned team of portfolio managers, sector analysts, and economists on the ground in Latin America that can make a significant difference for investors. We believe that today’s financial landscape, especially in Latin America, holds great potential for investors relying on our discipline and market intelligence.

Our rigorous and independent research, frequent one-on-one meetings with company management (over 300 per year), and reliance on fundamental analysis translate into forward-looking and consistent strategies. We are committed to combining our experience with insight and access to Brazil and LatAm to help fulfill your long-term goals.

# Average years of experience Average tenure
Portfolio Managers 53 16 8
Research Analysts&Economists 27 14 7
Traders 14 14 8
Risk Analysts&Compliance 18 10 7
Funds of Funds 7 13 5

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